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Tool Safety

Don’t Drop Your Standards

Tool Safety by BIGBEN

If you don’t deploy the right tool safety measures, working at height won’t just put you at risk, but also site workers or members of the public below. A dropped tool or object could easily fall onto an innocent victim, with devastating consequences.

Don’t drop your tools. Don’t drop your standards.

Make tool safety standard practice on your site. Dropped objects are the third largest cause of workplace fatalities across the world. It’s critically important to deploy tool safety measures such as tool tethering to keep improving safety on site. BIGBEN designs and manufactures a vast range of tool safety equipment to ensure all workers can carry out their work in a safe environment.

Let’s raise our standards. Make tool safety standard practice on your site with tethering solutions from BIGBEN.

We’re committed to pioneering quality safety equipment that protects all tradespersons on-site.