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Height Safety Helmets

We’ve combined safety and comfort to pioneer a new breed of height safety helmet.

Presenting the BIGBEN range of height safety helmets, designed to deliver the best protection possible when working at height.

Let’s face it. Our heads are our most important asset. That’s why you can’t accept second best when it comes to head protection.

We understand this. We live and breathe safety. That’s why the BIGBEN range of height safety helmets conform to the EN12492 Standard and EN397 Industrial Standard for shock absorption and penetration.

But safety can’t be the only consideration. If you’re expected to wear your helmet all day, you want something comfortable. After all, a safe helmet isn’t much use if it’s left in the van. Thanks to innovative Swiss design, the UltraLite Height Safety Helmet is the lightest available and includes a whole suite of additional comfort features. You’ll hardly know you’re wearing it.
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