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Safety Gloves

Your hands are your most used tools on-site.

Whether you’re working on-site or at height, hand protection is critical. You’re lifting and handling a vast range of equipment each day which could significantly damage your hands. Furthermore, freezing cold hands could lead to dropped tools, potentially impacting those around you.

Safety gloves are therefore a PPE essential. They must deliver supreme protection when handling equipment to improve not only your safety, but also the safety of those around you. It’s important your gloves are warm, dextrous, and comfortable too. This will encourage you to keep your gloves on when you need them, and reduce the risk of injuries and dropped tools.

BIGBEN ’s team of product developers have produced a range of safety gloves for every need. From nitrile and thermal gloves to scaffolder and rigger gloves, we have just what you require to ensure ample dexterity, protection, and warmth.
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